Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DC Housing

I was inspired by another TWC blogger to write about my experience in TWC housing in Rockville, Maryland (Fenestra). Just FYI, The Washington Center is building a new complex that will be housing students starting August 2010.

The Club Room

My story started in NYC where I took a Megabus for $3.50 (got lucky) to Washington, DC. Since I didn't do my research well enough, I got lost in Chinatown with at least 70 lbs of luggage being dragged after my every step. When I finally found the Metro station, whew, it was a relief...well, until I had to take my luggage up and down the stairs. I became even more annoyed when I saw the distance I had to go on the Red Line from Washington, DC to Rockville. After about a 40 minutes train ride, I got to Rockville's town square and instantly realized all my troubles were all worth it.

The building is newly built. It has everything I hoped for, such as awesome concierges, fitness center, pool, lounge, laundry room in the apartments, dishwasher, access to fast wireless internet, and even manual temperature control. As great as the apartment was, and as corny as it may sound, I think my roommates made living there so much better. I wish there was an award for the cleanest TWC apartment!

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The Dining and Living Rooms

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Emmanuel H.

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