Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Place, Job, Friends, But Same Emmanuel


Welcome to Live.Love.Learn.

These 3 L's are three of the pillars of my life. Live fully...making each day as different from the previous as possible. Love fully...try to do everything with passion...the kind that cannot be duplicated/eliminated by any machine or anyone else despite the worst of economical downturns. Lastly, Learn from other people's mistakes & success...education is all around us...through travel, school, friends, etc...all our possessions can be taken away, but our experiences will forever be with us.

Speaking of experience, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found out that only 19.7% of 2009 college graduates were hired upon graduation. Therefore, we are now living in a time in which the kind of school attended, grades, even study abroad experience ight not land you the job you've been thinking about since the first day of kindergarten. Anyway, when I found out I got into The Washington Center that will provide with the needed networking that can help me get a job upon graduation; I felt the warmth from a light in heaven beaming down on me.

The anticipation of doing an internship in the capital of politics, Washington, DC, is far more overwhelming than I would have ever hoped for. Yes, my home is the city that never sleeps, New York City. Yes, I’ve been to numerous cities around the world through programs like Semester at Sea. And yes, I’ve even held internships in foreign cities. But Washington, DC still elicits more excitement and nervousness than any other place that I’ve lived or visited. Maybe it’s because Washington is essentially the heart of what I want to dedicate my professional career doing. I plan to use political tools/resources as an inspiring diplomat to keep children safe and provide basic health care to the working poor. As a senior at Adelphi University, the time for me to start achieving these career oriented goals is approaching me a bit too fast.

With that said, my anticipated experience through The Washington Center might truly be my magic wand to help save the world, one person at a time. So, when I got hired by Safe Kids Worldwide, a thousand questions popped into my mind. For example, what if I find that sort of job to be too boring? What if I'm not put on that career launching pad? What if being a gregarious person in such a vibrant city push me off track? Anyways, only time can truly answer these types of questions.

Nonetheless, I will be working on two projects at Safe Kids Worldwide that I hope to be as amazing as they sound. One is nationally oriented, the other international. In the first project, I will be working diligently to get the Consumer Product Safety Commission to require all manufacturers in the USA to place warning labels on dangerous child products. In the other project, I will be working to create bylaws and procedures for the International Trauma Research and Injury Prevention advisory board.

On top of nervously waiting to excel in these two projects at Safe Kids Worldwide in Washington, DC; I am also anxious about taking the Science, Society & Policy course through The Washington Center while living in an exquisite apartment in Rockville, MD. I am also trying to get into graduate school for public health; making sure I fulfill Adephi University's academic requirements so I can graduate in May; attending the Science, Technology and Society Program events; traveling to NYC, Antigua & Barbuda, and Bermuda; and having a vibrant social life in the nation's capital especially since I'll turn 21 there. Doing all these things together are the perfect ingredients for great professional success or a breakdown; I pray it's not the latter.

The Science, Technology and Society Crew

At last, I hope to have you, as a reader, accompany me in my journey in the nation’s capital that will surely include many interesting moments :-\

Until Next Time,

Emmanuel H.

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